It started a few years ago with a fascination for the Moon.  That soon developed to “double stars” and then deep sky objects.

Then the idea of video viewing came along.  Video viewing changes everything !   It allows observation of objects in very deep space, in colour and on a TV screen.

We can see objects like Nebular and Galaxies thousands of light years away, that are barely visible through a telescope eyepiece. 

I still remember my first time.  It was a freezing cold night, about 1 am and I sat there motionless and speechless as a beautiful star cluster appeared on the screen.  I must have sat there for 20 minutes, freezing, but that didn’t really matter !

The rest, as they say, is history and every clear night, out comes a telescope and the hunt for an obscure double star or galaxy goes on.   Apart from some quite simply awe-inspiring sights, the whole thing does bring home just how insignificant we are.  Not to mention just how much stuff there is up there in the sky.   Truly amazing !

There’s no hint of “geeky” facts and figures … just pleasure and fascination in seeing things beyond our own little World.  We are definitely not “astronomers” or even “amateur astronomers”, in fact, if it wasn’t for the telescopes’ computerised ability to locate things, we’d never find anything other than the blindingly obvious !   We simply love the views.




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We’ve heard all the “Uranus” jokes … don’t even think about it !!!

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